Graphic Designer with experience in UX/UI 

My name is Carla Carolina Perez Romero and I am passionate about design and the ability it has to improve the lives of others. I am constantly observing trends and I like to follow people that remind me that design is a form of art and expression. 

I grew up in the beautiful Mexico City, so I am fluent in Spanish. Since I came to Canada 6 years ago I have learnt a lot of the processes, concepts and theories of UX/UI and graphic design at the University of Waterloo where I studied Global Business and Digital Arts.I like to think of the big-picture and enjoy working on products end to end, from ideation all the way to development.

my work experience 
ux designer  
Company: Digital Mex 
September 2019 - January 2019

Re-design the website using Photoshop for illustrations, Figma for prototyping and Hot jar for heat maps and User testing.  

marketing coordinator
Company: SHEA Business Better 
May 2019 - August 2019

Worked on designing the Newsletter for every other month, ordering brand wear and business cards. Learning CRM, Wordpress, Sharepoint and Microsoft Teams. Constantly updating the website by creating new logos and pages. 

social media marketing
Company: Squirrel House 
December 2019 - April 2019

Build their Instagram Social Media from scratch. Build brand awareness and gained visibility. 

my values 
Open Communication
I believe that communication and respect in any type of relationship is very important, because you will understand what your client needs and you will be able to communicate this to your team or in your design.
To build trust, I like to be fair and honest with my designs and in general with my work. 
It is really important for me to empathize with people, to understand them in order to inspire them.
Commitment & Determination 
I believe that with commitment and determination, you will have a design that deos the job you want.
Trends are moving faster than ever nowadays with technology and social media. Therefore it is so important to stay on top of the most trendy designs and news.
Passion for service 
I believe that if your purpose is to serve others for the greater good than you will succeed. With love and compassion for others you will attract the same in return.
my hobbies